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Sole Proprietor Tax Returns





Starting and running your own business is demanding enough. Let us handle your taxes so you can focus on your business and what really matters…

You’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is today and like every business, the best is yet to come. Reach out to your Optimize Advisor to file your tax return so that you can stay focused on growing your business and reaching your goals. Our tax specialists will work tirelessly to uncover every deduction for your business to ensure that you have minimized your tax bill where possible.

Here are just some of the many deductions our team will look for in your particular situation:

• Office expenses
• Prepaid expenses
• Property taxes
• Rent
• Salaries, wages and benefits
• Telephone and utilities
• Business taxes, fees, licences, dues, memberships and subscriptions

• Advertising expenses
• Allowance on eligible capital property
• Business start-up costs
• Travel
• Business-use-of-home expenses
• Capital cost allowance
• Current or capital expenses
• Delivery, freight and express

• Fuel costs
• Insurance
• Interest
• Accounting & other professional fees
• Maintenance and repairs
• Management and administration fees
• Meals and entertainment
• Motor vehicle expenses 

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If you’re looking for holistic advice which covers your entire financial situation, we would be keen to discuss how we could work with you and your family.   An Optimize Advisor is always ready to take that step with you and design a financial solution specific to your particular goals and objectives.

Need Advice? Speak to an Optimize Advisor today and receive a Complimentary Plan to achieve your specific goals!

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